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How to Get Your Movie Made

Nobody can make a movie on their own so let's all work together.
  • Start Here1. Attend A Meetup

    We have a Meetup every fortnight. Come along if you want to be involved.
    Some people want to pitch their ideas.
    Some want to give technical help.
    Other people want to be actors.
    Our Meetup is Your First Step
  • You might not have a script ready yet.
    But if your idea is good enough you will get attention.
    People will ask lots of questions.
    2. Pitch Your Idea To The Group

    Not everyone wants to pitch their idea the first time they attend.
    You might want to be involved with a few projects first.
    But if you are keen to get started then go ahead.
    If I can give any advice it is:
    "Keep it short and make it interesting"
  • Don't worry if you don't get enough people
    Learn from it and from others
    Try again next time
    Try different
    3. Ask If People Want To Be Involved

    If it is sufficiently interesting to them they will want to.
    Be clear what you need from people.
    What technical help?
    What acting talent?
    Do you need a mentor?
    Is your project do-able?
  • Writer DirectorSoundLightsCameraEditorProducerActors?
    You might need a lot of help...
    Or your idea may be very simple.
    4. If Enough People Want To Help You...

    Now your work really begins!
    People will help you get things done.
    It is your responsibility to make it happen.
    But you can learn from the collective wisdom of the group.
    And get your film made.
    It is Your Movie
  • Finish Here5. Congratulations You Are A FilmMaker

    It is Your Movie.
    You own the copyright.
    The people who helped you will be credited.
    The finished movie will be promoted via MovieComplete & Social Media.
    It should have cost you nothing.
    Because we are all helping each other.
    Now start again with another pitch!