John Rees

Writer Director Sound Camera Editor

By day a Preston based computer programmer, drone pilot and voiceover actor. He also has Photographic Commercial Adventures with his business at Northern Aerial Photography.

By night he thinks he is a FilmMaker. Having experience of making corporate video John is writing screenplays. He is focussed on filming projects that might open up commercial potential.


Running Silent She Loves Me... Not Trees for Dead Men All About Me All Of The Time

If you aim for the stars you might just hit the ceiling. If you aim for the floor you will never miss.
- Charles Ellis Jones

Rebecca Finch

Writer Director Editor

Previously working at such jobs taken only by novelists to fill the requirements of the inside cover of book jackets (teenage web designer, chemotherapy drug manufacturer, birth certificate calligrapher). Rebecca has always been a storyteller. She seeks to bring unorthodox stories to the world.


Running Silent She Loves Me... Not Trees for Dead Men All About Me All The Time

Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.
- Frank Zappa

Ngqabutho Boaz Gumede

Writer Director Actor Camera Editor

Ngqabutho Boaz Gumede, commonly known as "Boaz" is a law student and a certified media practitioner, who has worked in various types of television productions as a producer. Having worked for a long time behind the scenes he is actively pursuing acting roles as a matter of priority.

Outside productions include: Withered Petals; Young Gifted and Talented (YGT); Two Hats.


She Loves Me... Not

Humans have preserved so many things in life but time has eluded all of us.
- Ngqabutho Boaz Gumede

Jamie Morden

Producer Camera Composer Sound Editor

As a Self-Employed Sound Designer, Jamie has worked in a number of roles within the Creative and Advertising industries, from Music Production and Live Performance, to Video Production for SME’s throughout the UK. Jamie can Film the Project, Edit and even write the Score.



Trees for Dead Men All About Me All The Time

I've seen things, you People wouldn't believe.

Susan Moffat

Writer Producer

Susan Moffat is a freelance writer/producer based in Preston, Lancashire. She graduated from Uclan in 2015 with BA Hons (First Class) in Creative Writing with Film and TV screenwriting. She has worked professionally on commercial and creative film projects including short and feature films, branded content advertising videos, public information films, documentaries and music videos.

Susan Moffat


Trees for Dead Men All About Me All The Time

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.
- Ernest Hemingway

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Writer Director Makeup

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